Menopause Skincare Guide: Radiant Skin Tips

Perimenopause and menopause are pivotal events in any woman’s life that can bring about big changes to your health and hormones. But did you know that this transitional time can also have a big impact on your skin? 

It’s true! Given the close relationship that our hormones have with our skin health, it only makes sense that these life stages can also trigger a time of transition for your complexion.

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However, before you panic, it’s important to note that just as menopause is a completely natural and normal shift, so too are the changes you’re likely to notice in your skin.

Therefore, rather than trying to prevent or combat the process, a better approach is to focus on healthy ageing, giving your skin a bit of extra attention and all the loving care it deserves with the right skincare products.

Here are a few of our favourite tips for seeing your skin through menopause and beyond.

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How to Take Care of Skin During Menopause

Your skin undergoes a few changes during menopause. Here’s how to adjust your skincare routine and tailor it to the needs of your skin.

Tip #1: Understand the Importance of Hydration

During menopause, one of the most notable shifts that occurs is a drop in the body’s oestrogen hormone levels. Perimenopause may start as early as a woman’s 40s, and these levels will continue to decline until menstrual periods have been absent for twelve months, marking the official beginning of menopause. 

This drastic decrease in oestrogen affects the skin by causing it to produce less oil, retain less moisture, and become more vulnerable to external elements that cause water loss in the skin. So with this in mind, moisturising daily - or even twice daily - is a must. Opt for oil-based creams that will help replenish the loss of protective lipids, as well as ingredients like hyaluronic acid for keeping hydration locked in.

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Tip #2: Opt for Ingredients That Nourish and Nurture

Another major change that occurs in the skin with age is the breakdown of fundamental fibres such as collagen and elastin, causing wrinkles and fine lines to appear more easily, along with more laxity in the skin. 

The fix for these common concerns is treating the skin with topical nutrition in the form of nutrient-rich, antioxidant ingredients in your serums or other products. Vitamin C in particular is great for promoting collagen synthesis, as well as Vitamin A or retinol for encouraging cellular renewal at a more youthful rate. 

Another ingredient that works hard to soften wrinkles are peptides - these helpful ingredients can signal to skin to produce more collagen, firming skin and improving elasticity.

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Tip #3: Get Serious About Sun Protection

As a result of the changes we’ve already discussed, menopause can render the skin a bit more vulnerable to UV rays, potentially leading to sun spots, damage, and skin cancer. Additionally, sun exposure can accelerate the deterioration of collagen in the skin and exacerbate signs of ageing.

To prevent more serious problems from occurring, your best bet is to invest in a good sunscreen product - preferably one with at least 30 SPF - and practice consistent habits for applying it daily. Be sure to apply your sun protection first thing every single morning, and reapply often whenever you are outdoors.

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Tip #4: Get Pampered by a Professional

Although it isn’t completely necessary, many women find it helpful to seek out advanced care for their skin during menopause, visiting a skincare therapist for professional facial treatments. 

These types of services can be very beneficial for boosting hydration, stimulating blood flow to the skin, promoting cellular rejuvenation, and supporting overall skin health.

So go ahead and book that appointment at the spa, if you wish. The rest and relaxation, may even help with reducing stress and anxiety levels, preserving your sense of well-being in addition to your skin.

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Best Tips for Menopausal Skin: Roundup

There’s a significant change in hormones that occurs during this pivotal point in your life. These changes can have an impact on how your skin looks and feels. This means it’s important to update your skincare routine accordingly and adapt it to your skin’s new needs!

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