Retinol for Beginners: Guide to Retinoids & Usage

Retinol is part of a group of ingredients based on Vitamin A called ‘Retinoids’. Scientifically proven Retinoids change skin’s texture by increasing cellular turnover, normalising cell production and reducing scarring. Originally used as an acne treatment, Retinoids are a skincare superstar for a reason.
Importance of Retinol in Anti Ageing, Wrinkle Reduction, Pigmentation, Acne and Fine Lines.


The Rules of Retinol

Rule 1: Use Retinoids at night. The sun can deactivate some Retinoids, so it’s best to use them in the evening for best results.

Rule 2: Use sunscreen. Every. Single. Day. Retinol increases sensitivity to the sun, so it’s even more important to protect your skin.

Rule 3: Apply to DRY skin. Retinoids can become more irritating when  mixed with water, so pat your face dry before applying

Rule 4: If you’re new to Retinoids, slow down. When you start using Retinoids, your skin can initially peel as it sheds the old, damaged cells. Start use at once per week and increase gradually.

Rule 5: Don’t neglect your other skincare. Follow your Retinoid with moisturiser or oil to boost hydration.


Retinol Products We Love


The Newbie

GA-DE Hydra Essential Precious Skin Serum

A gentler hydrating retinol formula suitable for those new to retinol, or with sensitive skin.


Price: $62




The Regular


GA-DE Retiage Multi-Rejuvenate Serum 30ML

For regular retinol users. This multi-action serum boasts hyaluronic acid and retinol that plumps and restores the skin.

GA-DE Retiage Multi-Rejuvenate Serum 30ML



The Expert


GA-DE Retiage Multi Rejuvenate Cream

For experienced retinol users. Apply in the evening on clean, dry skin.

Price: $134



The Serious About Results

Dr Irina Eris Neometric Anti Wrinkle Capsules for Eyes and Lips

Eyes are the windows to the soul, but they are also the first place on our faces to show age. Soften wrinkles around the eyes and lips dramatically with these single dose capsules enriched with pure retinol. Use nightly for 45 days for spectacular results.

Price: $149


The Sensitive and Dry

Declaré Power Duo Oil Serum

Want a gentler alternative? Powered with Retinyl Palmitate, this deluxe oil based treatment is the perfect ‘starter retinoid’ for ultra sensitive skin. Contains Macadamia Seed Oil and Linseed Extract to soothe dry, stressed skin.



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