Licorice Root Extract: Skin Care Benefits & How to Use It

I know what you’re thinking - licorice for skin? Really? As in the lolly? Yes really, but don’t underestimate what this root can do for your skin. Licorice, aka Glycyrrhiza glabra, has a whole load of benefits for skin - and is especially fantastic for those looking to lighten up any pesky dark spots.

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This natural ingredient is a must-have in your skincare routine for lightening hyperpigmentation and bringing an even-toned glow to your skin. Here’s our guide to the benefits of licorice root skincare products and how to add them to your skincare routine.

What Is Licorice Extract in Skin Care?

You might be surprised to learn that the Licorice Root is actually a legume. Who knew?! Licorice extract has been a popular K-Beauty Skincare ingredient for a little while now, but is finally starting to get some recognition from Western beauty brands for the benefits it brings to the skin!

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Benefits of Licorice Root Extract For Skin

Like all plant extracts, there isn’t just one thing that Licorice Extract skin care products help with when it comes to your skin. Those trying to even out skin tone for a flawless complexion might find Licorice Extract particularly helpful - but fading dark spots isn’t the only thing this plant extract can do!

Lightens Existing Hyperpigmentation

What makes Licorice Root skincare unique is the power it has to lighten existing dark spots on your skin. It contains a compound called liquirtin that works hard to fade established hyperpigmentation for an even-toned glow.

It’s this power that makes Licorice Root Extract skincare products ideal for lightening melasma during pregnancy for flawless skin.

Licorice Root and Vitamin C are a powerful combination for lightening dark spots on skin. 

Soothes Irritation

Soothing and calming angry skin is another reason to add licorice root skincare products to your beauty routine, especially if you have sensitive skin! This plant-based ingredient effectively calms down troubled skin and reduces redness, restoring your natural glow.

Prevents Hyperpigmentation from Forming

Licorice extract skincare doesn’t just brighten any pigmentation you’ve already got - it prevents more from forming by getting in the way of your skin producing excess melanin in response to skin stress or minor trauma, such as sun damage and breakouts.

It does this by getting in the way of an enzyme called tyrosinase which plays a crucial role in creating melanin. By interfering with this process, licorice root extract stops post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation from forming on skin, making sure your skin has a more uniform and radiant glow.

This mask from Dermalogica nourishes your skin, fighting against signs of ageing and fading away dark marks for glowing skin. 

Protects Skin from Free Radicals

Like most plant-based ingredients, Licorice root extract also helps to fend off free radicals with antioxidant activity. Antioxidants are an important and incredibly helpful type of skincare ingredient that help to reduce the signs of aging and prevent them from appearing as quickly for youthful skin!

How to Use Licorice Root Extract Skincare

The best thing about licorice root extract is that it can fit in pretty much any skincare formula. Unlike other ingredients that require specific pH levels, types of packaging, and only work in certain formulas, Licorice Root Extract can be added to any product and your skin can still reap all the benefits of this glow-boosting ingredient.

Lighten dark undereyes caused by pigmentation with this eye cream from Guerlain.

So, that makes knowing how to use Licorice Root Extract skincare super easy - just use any product with Licorice Extract in the formula and feel good knowing that you’re getting all the perks of this amazing skincare ingredient!

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