Still Under Lockdown? Don’t Let Your Skin Suffer

Lockdowns are an uncomfortable part of our world right now - and while we can hope for a lockdown-free life in the future, we’ve all got to do our part and stay home to save lives, whether we work from home or study from home instead of heading into our workplaces and places of study.

However, there are a lot of us out there who are finding that lockdowns are having a surprising impact on our skin - and that’s already on top of potentially dealing with maskne because of wearing face masks!

The importance of skincare during lockdown is something that many underestimate the benefits of - it’s not just about looking good, but feeling good. Keeping up your regular beauty routine with a few little extras as self-care might be just what you need to pick yourself up out of a lockdown slump. Hydrate your skin (and self!) with face mists from time to time - but are there better things you should be doing during lockdown?

Here are a few bad lockdown skincare habits you may have started without realising - if any of these sound familiar, it’s time to change that ASAP! Avoiding these bad habits has to be among the best lockdown skin care tips we found, so save your skin during lockdown and double check that you’re not accidentally committing any of these lockdown skincare mistakes!

Lockdown Skincare Habits to Avoid

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Lockdowns have unintentionally created a lot of new habits for people - some good, and some bad. Here’s our list of skincare habits to avoid while staying home and how they negatively impact your skin - and skincare tips for what to do instead. These apply to all skin types by the way!

Skipping Your Routine Altogether

This is a bit of a tricky one, but definitely a habit many have accidentally fallen into during lockdown! It can seem easy to skip your routine, especially if you’ll be staying home all day. However, don’t underestimate the importance of skincare during lockdown - and I don’t just mean for how your skin looks. 

If you’re noticing extra irritation, dry skin, or just anything that you feel is out of the ordinary for your skin, double check that you’re actually being as consistent with your skincare routine as you think you are!

Plus, all the best ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C, and Niacinamide are able to benefit your skin the more consistent you are with using them - so don't let your skin and yourself down by skipping your skincare routine. 

Having a regular daily routine that involves a morning and evening skincare routine will go a long way to making sure that you (and your skin) stay happy and well-taken care of.

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Picking at Your Skin

A lot of us have a lot of spare time in lockdown, and for many, that means more time to pore over (pun intended) our skin and take far too close of a look at any of our perceived imperfections. Picking at your skin and trying to pop pimples can cause lasting inflammation and hyperpigmentation - aka, the dark spots that get left behind by breakouts.

When you pick at your skin, you make this inflammation worse and prolong your skin’s healing process - leaving stubborn dark marks that might stick around for longer. 

The solution?

Put down the magnifying mirror - if you’ve got any active breakouts, it’s best to patiently use spot treatments to help them heal. Resist any temptation to pick at your skin just to pass the time - your skin will thank you!

If you need some help, an exfoliator is deal alongside a skin-brightening serum. An exfoliator clears away dead skin cells that cause breakouts, as well as brightens your skin over time!

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Skipping Sunscreen

The importance of skincare during lockdown - especially when it comes to sunscreen - can be seriously underestimated! Using sunscreen regularly every single day is ever so crucial to keeping your skin flawless now and in the long run. It’s easy to think that you just might skip sunscreen today since you’re not heading out, right? The truth is, sunscreen is an all year round skincare product, not a summer-only skincare product. 

Even if the only ‘going out’ you might be doing is a quick walk to the supermarket or getting some fresh air in your yard, protecting your skin from the sun is crucial - especially if you’re using skincare products that contain retinol or AHAs. It all adds up - even if you only leave the house a few times a week, 

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Not Changing Your Mask 

Now that face masks are an essential part of our everyday wardrobes, it’s important to consider how they might be impacting our skin. Maskne, aka the breakouts caused by wearing masks for long periods of time can be hard to get under control - however, one of the best lockdown skin care tips is to use a fresh, clean mask every day in order to minimise potential for breakouts. 

Save your skin during lockdown by avoiding these bad lockdown skincare habits. The importance of skincare during lockdown is more than just taking care of your skin - it’s about taking care of you.

If you’re still trying to put together a skincare routine that’s perfect for your skin, try our skin analysis - you’ll get suggestions for your skin type and unique skin goals, plus a beauty routine that’s created just for you! 

Any questions about your analysis results? Reach out to us and we'll get back to you.

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