Quick & Easy Makeup For The Perfect Night Out

By the time we’re out of lockdown, you might wonder if you’ve forgotten all your top makeup tips and tricks. That’s where these quick makeup tips come in. The best makeup tips for date night have three essential factors considered - easy, quick, and long-lasting. 

And really, these tips aren’t necessarily just for going out on a date - we’ve got makeup ideas for night out with the girls, or easy makeup tips to take your look from the office to after-work drinks.

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1. Always Prime Your Eyelids

Using primer beforehand seems like the most obvious of the easy makeup tips out there - but it makes a huge difference in making sure your makeup lasts all night long. Even if you’re just using eyeliner, an eye primer can make sure your eye look stays put - especially for oily those with oily eyelids. In a pinch, concealer mattified with setting powder works a treat as an eyeshadow primer!

inika creamy concealerInika Certified Organic Full Coverage Concealer
Conceal imperfects and lightly prime your eyelids with this full coverage concealer from Inika.

2. Opt for Long-Lasting, Matte Lipstick

On a night out, there’s nothing more annoying than needing to retouch your lipstick all the time - especially if you’ve chosen to go with a bold colour like fire engine red or a deep vampy burgundy. Using liquid lipstick doesn’t sound like it belongs in the easy makeup tips category, but it does - especially when you consider you probably won’t have to worry about touching it up!

For a flawless liquid lipstick application, here are some quick makeup tips to keep that pout looking perfect all night long!

  • Make sure your lips are well hydrated to avoid colour flaking off
  • Use concealer on a small flat brush to clean the edges 
  • Use a lip liner for an even longer-lasting colour

dior rouge liquid lip stainDior Rouge Liquid Lip Stain
This liquid lipstick from Dior lasts all day long with minimal touch ups.

3. Touch up With Powder

Among the best easy makeup tips for making sure your makeup lasts and looks good is to bring a powder compact to touch up - especially if you’re heading out right after work. Even if you have dry skin, a powder foundation or pressed powder can help lock your makeup in place so no matter how hard you party, your makeup still looks flawless!

la mer the sheer pressed powderLa Mer The Sheer Pressed Powder
Mattify and set skin with this finely milled pressed powder from La Mer.

4. Choose a Makeup Sponge Instead of Brushes

One way to speed up makeup is using a damp makeup sponge for your foundation (and other complexion products, like cream blush or liquid highlighter) to perfectly blend everything in. A damp makeup sponge is a foolproof way to ensure that your foundation is quickly and easily blended in - no brush streaks!

Opting for a teardrop sponge or triangle makeup sponge is one of the best quick makeup tips, especially if you’re not confident in your application skills

ga-de triangle makeup spongesGA-DE Triangle Makeup Sponges
Dampened with water, these triangle sponges from GA-DE are perfect for flawlessly blending in foundation and concealer.

5. Reach for Multi-Purpose Makeup

One of the best makeup tips for date night, especially if you don’t have much time to get ready, but really want to wow your date, is to always keep multi-purpose makeup in your makeup bag. You can even get creative and use makeup for more purposes than it’s intended - for example, one of the best quick makeup tips for a glowy, shimmery highlighter is to use a light gold eyeshadow as a highlighter too.

Or, reach for a two-in-one creamy cheek and lip shade to add a tint of colour to your lips and a natural-looking flush in your cheeks for a flirty, dreamy look. 

inika lip and cheek creamInika Certified Organic Lip & Cheek Cream
Quickly and easily add a subtle glow to your lips and cheeks with this two-in-one from Inika.

6. Do a Quick Smokey Eye

One of the best makeup ideas for night out with your friends has to be a quick smokey eye - the kind that all you need is a pencil eyeliner to do. Our best tip is to use deep brown instead of black, which can easily look too harsh and over the top - especially on lighter skin tones. 

After priming your eyelids, use your eyeliner to line your waterline and shade in above your lash line. It’s okay if this looks a little messy right now because all you need to do next for this easy makeup look is smudge that brown liner with a finger or a q-tip until perfectly blended for an easy, one-product smokey eye.

inika organic eye pencilInika Certified Organic Eye Pencil
These creamy eye pencils glide effortlessly on skin and stay set in place.

However, no matter how many makeup tips and tricks you have up your sleeve, all the best makeup looks start with the right skincare. If you’re still trying to nail your perfect skincare routine, try our skin analysis! 

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