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Despite its delicate quality, the skin around the eye is one of the most overused - you use it to blink, wink, squint, and express. If you skimp on eye care, ageing is not the only skin concern you have to worry about. 

Due to its sensitive and delicate quality, the eye area is one of the first parts to show signs of dryness, ageing, and stress. The right eye cream and serum can help curb skin issues from making an early appearance. Read on to learn how eye creams and serums make a difference, and how the right eye products can elevate your eye game. 

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Why You Need Eye Creams and Eye Serums in Your Routine

The skin around the eye area is special - it’s delicate, fragile, and it needs to receive more potent hydration and moisturisation. Products that typically work for the rest of the face may not work for the eye area. 

Doctor Patricia Farris, a professor at Tulane University, emphasised that unlike regular moisturisers, eye creams contain a thicker consistency and a lot more active ingredients to address skin problems unique to the eye area. 

The eye serum, on the other hand, is the hardworking sister of the eye cream. Serums can penetrate deeper into the skin, delivering results that eye creams can’t. The thinner consistency of eye serums make them perfect for your daytime skincare routine.

When Do You Apply Eye Cream and Eye Serums

Are both applied day and night? Where should they fall in the order of your skincare routine to get maximum results? 

There are two options when it comes to eye care. For day use, you can use a lighter eye serum and apply it right after you wash your face. Make sure to finish off your routine with sunscreen to help double up the protection around the skin area.

Night time eye cream application can deliver big benefits to the skin around the eyes. Eye creams are a bit tricky, so check its consistency to see if it comes before or after a moisturiser. If it’s heavier, apply after you moisturise. If it has a lighter consistency, apply it after your favorite face serum. 

Should you apply eye products on your eyelids? The quick answer - check the label. Some eye products such as Lancôme’s Advanced Génifique Yeux Light-Pearl are made to also treat the skin on the lids. However, not all eye creams have this feature.


Eye Creams and Serums for Different Skin Concerns

Taking care of the skin around your eyes isn’t complicated. But when it comes to choosing eye creams for specific skin concerns, taking note of effective ingredients for your skin issue can come in handy. 

Eye Cream and Serums for Skin Ageing

We hate to break it to you, but fine lines and crow’s feet make their first appearance around your eye. The good news is that most eye creams and serums are now powered by retinol - a potent anti-ageing ingredient that targets the early signs of ageing. If you want to keep the signs of aging at bay, opt for eye creams and serums with retinol.

We Recommend: 
eye cream for skin aging

Absolue Premium Bx Eye Care helps replenish the eye contour with moisture, and improves the skin’s firmness and luminosity. Immediately, the eye contour appears softer and smoother. Skin feels firmer with a regenerated radiance. Fine lines and wrinkles appear reduced.


eye serum for aging

Dr. Irena Eris Tokyo Lift Protective and Smoothing Eye Cream SPF 12 | $87

Advanced Japanese skin activators, based on a flavonoid complex extracted from the Japanese Pagoda Tree. The cream gives the skin immediate intensive moisture. Prompts skin regeneration and cell division for younger looking skin. 


Eye Cream and Serums for Puffiness

Having puffy eyes all boils down to weakening skin. As we age, our skin’s foundation - including the one surrounding the eyes - weaken. This leads to saggy, puffy, baggy eyes. Apart from getting enough sleep, eating a low-salt diet, and avoiding allergy-inducing food, adding eye creams and serums with peptides  and Vitamin C -  will help tremendously. Both components help firm, smoothen, and tighten the skin. 

We Recommend:
eye cream for puffiness

This-gold-infused eye cream features Bio Nymph Peptide that smooths and restores ageing, puffy skin. Also includes precious mineral jewel complex and other beneficial actives to envelop the eye area for that radiant glow.
eye serum for puffiness
A soothing serum powered by Abeille Royale concentrate for fast repairing action. Visibly blurs fine lines & wrinkles while uplifting the eyelids. Leaves the skin around the area softer, firmer, and younger-looking. 


Eye Cream and Serums for Dark Circles

Pandas are cute...but not panda eyes. Dark circles can easily make you look fatigued and stressed, no matter how well-rested you are. This darkening of the eye area can be attributed to genetics and sun exposure. Most of the time, they can happen because of skin aging and dehydration. A quick fix to dark circles is a cream or serum with brightening niacinamide. For a plumper looking eye area, also consider adding eye creams with glycerin and green tea to your routine. 

We Recommend: 
eye cream for dark circles
R.N.A. (Radical New Age Complex) Power Eye Cream has a light creamy texture that’s easily absorbed by skin, filling it with moisture. This unique eye cream gives you firmness around the eyes, and at the same time, enhances and brightens the skin surface. 
eye serum for dark circles
Infused with glycerin and green tea, this radiant highlighter refreshes and brightens the skin, leaving the area around the eyes or other facial zones with a natural, flawless finish. Bye bye, panda eyes. 


Eye Cream and Serums for Sagging Eyelids

An ageing skin is more susceptible to the effects of gravity. As skin loses its firmness, saggy eyelids become inevitable. The lessening of collagen production, and loss of skin elasticity can cause eyelids to droop. Eye creams with topical peptides can help in firming up and prompting the collagen production of the skin. 

We Recommend: 
eye serums for sagging skin

This anti-wrinkle, anti-sagging eye cream inhibits the process of skin ageing by reactivating the regenerative properties and the skin’s potential for self-renewal. Improves skin tension and tightness, increases skin elasticity, and hydrates the skin. 



It’s about time to give eye creams and eye serums the credit they deserve. They’re gentle, they’re non-evasive, and definitely pushes back the appearance of skin aging for a couple of years. Giving the skin around your eye area the TLC it deserves is a crazy simple step to looking younger, fresher, and glowing. 

Need some help putting together the best skincare routine for your skin type? Try our skin quiz!

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