Skincare Tools 101: Improve Your Skincare Routine With These Products

Have we spoken on the importance of skincare tools? Yes they may seem like a lot of money, but when compared to spa treatments you’re getting great value for money and impressive results.

Get ready to say goodbye to long wait times when trying to squeeze in a spa day and hello to professional skincare tools you can use anytime at home.

Here’s our list of the best at-home skincare tools, their benefits, and why you should have them in your beauty routine as soon as possible.

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Do I Really Need Skincare Tools?

Quick answer: Skincare tools supercharge the skincare game.

But I know you’re wondering “do I really need to spend $300 on a facial cleansing brush?”

We hear you - shelling out hundreds of dollars for a beauty product that promises glowing skin does not seem to be a practical choice. However, skincare tools make IG-ready skin easy-to-achieve even from home. A cleansing brush can improve your traditional cleansing routine by going deep to remove stubborn dirt and grime, while an exfoliating tool can renew skin in a way a regular exfoliator can’t.

Skincare tools are an investment that will transform your skin in quick, efficient ways. Their longevity also makes them a wise investment especially if you want to save on spa treatment money in the long run!

Here are several skincare tools that prove they’re worth it.


Skincare Tools for Cleansing

Not all dirt and grime are seen by the eye. These skincare tools do the dirty work so you can rock a squeaky-clean face! These facial brushes shake up the dirt, oil, and grime that might have clogged the pores.

This cleansing brush is all about deep-cleaning your skin to get rid of dirt, oil, and make up residue that has settled on the pores. The pulsating features of FOREO Luna 3 not only eliminates the awful stuff off your face - it helps keep skin looking firm and fresh.
The FOREO Luna 3 comes in 3 varieties - one for every skin type (normal, combination, and sensitive).


Skincare Tools for Skin Renewal

The secret to glowing, youthful skin is exfoliation. The more you prompt the skin to renew itself, the lesser you have to deal with dry, dull skin. However, a typical skincare scrub can’t always do the trick. Here are several skincare tools for exfoliation that can double the effects of skin rejuvenation. 


Works to improve the skin's ability to absorb skincare products and is based on cosmetic acupuncture techniques that help circulation, facial muscle activity, and the skin's natural cell regeneration process.
 derma roller
This is the crowd-favorite derma roller from Lonvitalite that comes with an interchangeable feature which allows you to use either needle heads or an ice roller. An effective derma roller that is equipped for continued use to boost collagen elastin production and give your skin that ultimate glow. 
Learn more about the benefits of derma rollers here. 


Skincare Tools for the Eyes

The delicate skin on our face needs as much TLC as any other area. However, unlike other spots in the face, the delicate skin around the eyes require special care. When left untreated, the eye area can exhibit skin concerns like ageing and fine lines. Skin tools for sensitive skin are designed to give sensitive skin the special care it needs.


eye massager 
Utilizes alternating T-Sonic™ technology to reduce the visible signs of crow's feet, dark circles, and bags under the eyes. Offers gentle massages around the eye area to smoothen lines, and creases. Helps make eyes look younger and brighter.


Skincare Tools for Acne

If you feel like your acne routine is needing a little upgrade, consider investing on a skincare tool for acne. Acne wands go beyond cleansing the skin - they relentlessly target acne from its source to prevent infection and scarring using blue light therapy.


acne tool for skincare
A fast and effective treatment that delivers spa care to your home. Kills acne-causing bacteria from the source.  Features dual power of laser-focused blue LED light and T-Sonic™ pulsations to blast blemishes out of existence.


Skincare Tools for Self Care

The health of your skin greatly depends on the nourishment you give it. Loading up in moisturisers and masks is good, but with the right skincare tools, you can treat your skin to an ultra nourishing session anytime of the the day without the price tag. Here’s our favourite.


face relaxing tool
Gives you the benefits of a facial mask for only 90 seconds. Effortlessly rejuvenates the skin by boosting the ingredients of masks and moisturisers. Safe and effective for all skin types.


From rollers that can make lines less visible, to brushes that can free up pores of dirt, you can easily tick off glowing skin to your must-do list. With these skincare tools, you can achieve youthful glowing skin from home anytime!

Need some help putting together the best skincare routine for your skin type? Try our skin quiz!

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