The Best OTC Anti-Acne Ingredients To Add To Your Skincare Routine

In the quest for clear, glowing skin, the appearance of acne can cause a moment of panic (aka scrambling for the best skincare products for acne available in your stash). To some, acne control is all about making disappear overnight. To others, it’s about making sure the acne issue does not get worse.

Keeping a supply of products containing the best anti-acne ingredients can give you an advantage for any potential breakout. Read on to know the best skincare ingredients for acne.

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Top Skincare Ingredients for Acne

Salicylic Acid

Highly recommended by experts, the anti-acne ingredient salicylic acid is one of the best ingredients for acne. Why? Because this powerful member of the beta-hydroxy family goes deep down into your pores to solve the problem.

Made to be oil-soluble, it can penetrate beyond the skin’s surface to clear up clogged pores that can cause breakouts, or can make existing skin issues go bad. Salicylic acid can resolve irritated acne, whiteheads, and blackheads.


best salicylic acid products
Clearer, healthier-looking skin is just a few drops away. This hydrating skin toner removes impurities and exfoliates your skin with its light silky formula. It helps remove additional impurities and tighten pores after cleansing, while still giving your skin the hydration it needs.



Because of salicylic acid’s potency, it is recommended to choose a cleanser that has .5-5% formulation, and a solution that has .5-2% salicylic acid content.

If you’re starting out with a product with salicylic acid, it’s best to spread out your usage three times a week to prevent drying, and skin irritation.



The benefits of Niacinamide for acne ranges from prevention to healing. Niacinamide is an effective component that helps lower the skin’s sebum (a big acne factor) production.


best niaciamide skin products
Count on GA-DE’s purifying toning lotion to the eeky work for you. This specially formulated toner thoroughly cleanses the skin’s surface of the bad stuff to reveal a cleaner, lighter, breakout-free face. Contains niacinamide and flower oils to deliver both cleansing and hydration to the skin.



The anti-inflammatory properties of this ingredient also prevent acne from getting worse, from healing slower, and from causing scars on the skin’s surface. Niacinamide can also minimise the overall inflammation response of the skin that triggers more pimples.


Alpha Hydroxy Acid

AHA! Your favorite anti-ageing ingredient is actually great for acne, too.

To understand how alpha hydroxy acids help prevent acne, it’s important to shift the focus on the ultimate cause of acne - clogged pores mixed with sebum and hair follicles. The effective exfoliating power of AHA loosens up this problematic combo to prevent it from causing major breakouts. With continuous use, AHA can prevent future clogs from even forming.


best AHA skin products
Enriched by organic-thyme, and imperfection-diminishing zinc, this purifying mask absorbs excess oil while giving a thorough exfoliation to the face. Makes skin imperfections look lighter and smooth.



Surprised to see retinol on the list? That’s right - retinol’s exfoliating and lightening effects go beyond anti-ageing.

Retinol works its magic on the skin’s outer layer (aka epidermis) to remove dead skin cells, excess sebum, and accumulated dirt from brewing the next acne storm.

 retinol skincae

This rich cream with valuable shea butter protects your skin from aggressive environmental influences like UV rays, pollution, dirt, cold, and acne-causing factors. Helps to regenerate its natural moisture barrier, and relieves the tightness of the complexion due to dehydration.



Retinol’s unique build-up also helps deal with acne scars and marks. Its tiny molecules can seep deep into the skin’s layers to stimulate elastin and collagen. The result? Lighter scars and marks in just a few days!



An amazing remedy to mild blemishes and moderate acne, sulfur can help with your acne problems in many ways.

best sulphur skincare products

Spot treatment gel contains a unique blend of anti-septic, exfoliating, astringent and moisturising components that work together to fight acne and prevent further outbreaks, while accelerating the cell regeneration and healing process of the skin. Contains anti-microbial properties to kill the bacteria that causes acne.



First, sulfur addresses excess production of oil and sebum by absorbing them and sending signals to regulate the amount of facial oil produced.

Second, sulfur dries out dead cells that might settle on your pores and cause unexpected breakouts.

Third, sulfur acts as a natural antiseptic that makes sure acne-causing bacteria, Propionibacterium acnes, does not cause more breakouts.


Activated Charcoal

Created to deliver better absorption, activated charcoal is a powerful ingredient that can draw out toxins, dirt, bacteria, and pollutants effectively off the skin. Once you apply activated charcoal on your face - or use an activated charcoal-infused cleanser - it goes down to suck out stale sebum, reduce inflammation, and prevent acne infection from making your breakout get worse.


 charcoal skincare products

This mask is also called the superfood is a creamy-tender skincare mask with a transparent, pure fragrance that suggests pure cleanliness and freshness. It gives you the detoxifying mask with an absorbing effect in minutes a clear, fine-pored skin.


With the right skincare products and ingredients, it’s possible to keep breakouts at bay. Don’t let breakouts catch you off guard - keep these ingredients in your supply to prevent acne troubles from getting out of hand.

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