La Prairie Essence in Lotion Review

Luxury skincare products are an experience - they’re more than just an object or thing to use on your journey towards beautiful skin. 

La Prairie’s decades of research and development, focusing on exclusive active ingredients have led to the creation of multiple skincare lines packed with only the best ingredients in luxury beauty - here’s one of them. The La Prairie Essence-in-Lotion is a unique product, formulated with skin nourishing caviar (and other goodies) in a lightweight, yet powerful formula. 

Why Use an Essence?

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La Prairie describes their Essence-in-Lotion as a pre-serum treatment, and I’d agree with that. Essences are a great way to boost your skincare routine, and not just with the amazing ingredients they contain. The reason they’re described as a pre-serum treatment is that they’re designed to prep your skin for the rest of your routine.

How? Their main benefit is dampening the skin before applying a serum. Applying skincare to dampened skin could help it sink in faster and potentially make it more effective in the long run. However, essences have benefits that are truly their own, too. 

While they’re watery - more like toners - essences come packed with ingredients more like the kind you’d find in serums. They’re basically the perfect sidekick to any serum in your skincare routine!

Using this Essence-in-Lotion before moving on with your skincare routine (the La Prairie team recommend following it up with the Skin Caviar Liquid Lift Serum) will take your routine from just ‘good’ to absolutely decadent - and your skin will feel the difference, too. 

What’s In La Prairie’s Essence-In-Lotion?

Ingredients can make or break a skincare product - so it’s a good thing the scientists at La Prairie have formulated their products with only the best. Here are some highlights of the Essence-in-Lotion Formula and exactly how they nourish your skin. 

Caviar Extract

I know what you’re thinking: fish eggs, really? Here’s the thing - caviar isn’t any old fish eggs, and La Prairie is certainly not going to get them from any old fish, either. Only the best caviar comes from the Beluga Sturgeon, a fish native to the Caspian and Black Seas.

Caviar’s been considered a luxury food for a long time now, but its benefits for skin are slowly getting greater recognition. A Korean study has confirmed that caviar extract can undo the damage to the skin caused by UVB rays, potentially slowing down the signs of ageing. 

Panax Ginseng Root Extract

Ginseng is a root that’s been used for medicinal purposes in parts of Asia for hundreds of years, and its benefits for skin are starting to become known by more and more Western brands. I’m not surprised that La Prairie has caught on to the benefits of this unique plant already.

Studies have found that Ginseng can diminish fine lines and wrinkles, as well as potentially delay their formation in the first place. Ginseng affects the skin in multiple ways - first, it can have antioxidant benefits for skin, protecting it from free radicals and boosting collagen production. 

Another crucial effect of Ginseng is that it helps skin hold on to moisture - as we age, skin gets thinner and it’s harder for it to hold on to hydration, creating a vicious cycle of dryness and faster aging. By helping skin trap water, skin stays plumper and younger looking for longer.

Caviar Water

Here’s something that I love about this product - the fact that it uses Caviar Water as the base of the formula. Did you know that an ingredients list orders ingredients from greatest quantity to lowest? Caviar water is at the top of the list, which means that this essence is absolutely full of caviar goodness (and is also probably why it commands such a price tag).

The caviar water is created through a steam distillation process, which is likely part of extracting and concentrating other nutrients in caviar into caviar extract, another star ingredient of this essence. 

Fermented Skincare Ingredients

There were quite a few of them in this essence, so I thought that I’d lump them together under a single heading. Skincare ferments have a bunch of common benefits in skin, and it’s great to see so many in a single product. Yeast Extract, Lactobacillus Ferment, and Saccharomyces Cerevisiae Extract are all fermented/probiotic skincare ingredients that nurture healthy skin

Studies have found that skin ferments, like the ones derived from yeast or rice, improve skin barrier function and boost the skin’s natural renewal process. 

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La Prairie Essence-in-Lotion | $365
Add this skin-boosting essence to your routine for glowing, beautiful skin.

Now that you know what the La Prairie Essence-in-Lotion is made of, will you be giving it a try anytime soon? As an essence, it’s great for all skin types, plus it’s great for almost all skin concerns. If you’re not sure if your skin type, or want a routine tailored to your skin concerns, try our skin quiz!

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