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If you consider yourself a skincare minimalist, Eve Lom might just be the brand for you. With an ethos of keeping ingredients lists minimalistic yet effective, not many brands have the same approach to skincare. Here’s how Eve Lom created her skincare brand from early beginnings in Czechoslovakia.

Botanical Beginnings

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Although it would be years before Lom - before she was Eve Lom, she was Eve Lacik - thought about creating a skincare line, Lom received training that would strongly influence her future skincare brand. Born in what’s now called Czechia, Lom was raised by her grandmother. As a teenager, she remembers her grandmother teaching her which plants to gather to soothe various ailments and which qualities they had. 


Her grandmother worked as a herbalist or a ‘witch doctor’ (Lom’s own words) and instilled the foundation of knowledge that Lom would later use in life for her skincare company, however, she still had a while to go before creating her iconically minimalist brand. In 1968, Czechoslovakia was invaded by the Russians and many Czechs (including Lom) fled to elsewhere in Europe. Lom made it to Paris, where she would meet her future husband, actor Herbert Lom.

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Eve Lom Moisture Mask | $135
A nourishing mask designed to quench thirsty, dry skin. 

Not satisfied with merely being “Mrs Lom”, Lom decided she wanted to create something of her own. Noticing that there was a market for naturally-derived remedies for skin (especially in Hollywood), Lom created her brand with a focus on simplicity, naturally-effective ingredients all delivered in a luxurious package. 

Lom trained as a facialist and excelled in her craft - she would later go on to develop unique facial massage techniques focusing on lymphatic drainage for healthier, younger-looking skin. After amassing a following and celebrity clientele, Lom eventually launched her brand from London in 1983. 

Simplicity & Luxury

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One common pitfall that Lom noted among skincare was the lack of simplicity. She consistently noted that clients would come in, saying that they were confused about what to use on their skin because there were so many products out there. Lom’s approach to her brand was always a focus on simplicity, but this strengthened her resolve and approach. 

She launched her cleanser in 1983 - it’s considered one of the first balm cleansers on the market. Used with the Eve Lom technique of massaging it into dry, dirty skin and swiping away with a gentle muslin cloth meant that this balm had a three in one effect of makeup removal, cleansing skin, and exfoliation - perfectly in line with the ethos of her brand. 

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Eve Lom Rescue Mask | $114
A clay-based mask that purifies pores for a flawless, breakout-free complexion. 

 Natural ingredients that you’ll find starring in the cleanser (each with their own skin-nourishing benefits) are chamomile, eucalyptus and clove for perfectly cleansed, massaged skin. 

Lom acknowledges the importance of how applying skincare made a difference - she developed a unique seven-step facial massage to use with this cleanser to promote lymphatic draining and make skincare a ritual, not just a rushed-over process! 

Alongside the cleanser, her face masks are best-sellers - they’re perfect to use as a simple, effective treatment for healthier skin. All Eve Lom products are formulated without synthetic fragrances, parabens, and SLS - any scents you get a whiff of from her products are due to natural essential oils, added to the formula for fragrance and skin benefits. 

You can still book in a facial with the legendary Eve Lom in London - I know I’d love to have her take a look at my skin!

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