Dr Irena Eris Authority Supreme Age Delaying Cream Night

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Dr Irena Eris Supreme Age Delaying Cream Night Treatment

Intensive anti-wrinkle night treatment ensures long-term wrinkle filling, skin smoothing, and skin tone alignment. With each use, the skin becomes firmer and more rejuvenated.

Enriched with the unique Trihydro Activator that activates transport mechanisms in mitochondrial membranes, the innovative colloidal gold peptide stimulates the production of collagen III and I, as well as that of elastin, filling lines and wrinkles by reducing them in size, depth, and number [51%*]. The use of Niacinamide accelerates the regeneration of sun-damaged skin, reduces pigmentation of the outer skin layers, limiting deep and shallow [sun and hormone-induced] skin discolourations by 11%.

Hexapeptide improves the structure of ageing cells making them resemble the cells several years younger. The well-matched proportions of the Oilde-Age complex prevent dehydration of the epidermis and visibly improve skin elasticity and softness acting as moisturizing and nourishing agents.  * Research conducted at the Dr Irena Eris Center for Science and Research.

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