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When it comes to skincare, Japanese traditions and technology almost always lead the pack - so it’s no surprise that Tatcha skin care has become a quick favourite in the luxury beauty scene around the globe. Not only are products like The Dewy Cream an absolute delight to use, but they’re also formulated with some of the best ingredients in the game. Here’s what makes the luxury difference when it comes to Tatcha beauty.

Tatcha Skin Care: Japanese-Inspired Luxury

I know what you’re thinking - is Tatcha Japanese? Like, actually Japanese? Well, yes and no - it’s yes in the way that each of these amazing skincare products is formulated and created in Japan, looking to traditional ingredients and beauty rituals - especially ones favoured by elegant geisha. 

However, American-based owner Victoria Tsai brings a different twist to traditional Japanese aspects to create this luxury beauty brand that we all know and love today, while still retaining the essence of what sets Japanese skincare apart from the ordinary - it comes through in the unique ingredients they use, such as Akita Rice, Uji Green Tea and Okinawa Red Algae. 

Like all good luxury skincare brands, Tatcha has a secret ingredient that you’ll only find in their skincare products - and it’s something called the Hadasei-3™ Complex. 

Tatcha the rice cleanser product image on white backgroundTatcha The Rice Wash | $56
This ultra-comforting cleanser from Tatcha strengthens your skin’s moisture barrier while whisking away pore-blocking impurities.

What is the Hadasei-3™ Complex?

Tatcha founder Vicky Tsai describes this bespoke skincare blend as “the cornerstone of our collection”. This unique skincare ingredient blend brings together three staples of Japanese culture: seaweed, rice, and green tea to create something that you’ll only find in Tatcha’s silky, luxurious skincare products. 

Here’s what makes Hadasei-3™  such a powerhouse skincare ingredient - for starters, it’s double-fermented in a proprietary process to really boost the three different components that come together in this superstar complex. Fermented skincare ingredients have one major thing in common: they help to strengthen your skin’s natural moisture barrier and overall rejuvenation processes. 

Hadasei-3™ is no exception - it works hard to encourage your skin to retain essential hydration, which overall ensures your skin is the healthiest it should be, helping it to ward off any signs of premature ageing and bounce skin from dull and drab to absolutely glowing and radiant. 

And that’s just what Hadasei-3™ on its own does - other notable skincare ingredients in Tatcha skincare product formulas include silk extract, an antioxidant-rich skincare ingredient that shields skin from external stressors and naturally improves elasticity for firmer, younger-looking skin! 

Tatcha the dewy skin cream product image on white backgroundTatcha The Dewy Skin Cream | $109
The Tatcha Dewy Cream plumps your skin full of hydration, banishing dullness and adding a signature Tatcha glow to your skin.

Now that you know what sets Tatcha apart from the rest, will you be adding this brand to your beauty routine? Psst - you can shop Tatcha Australia right here at Beauty Affairs! 

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