Irena Eris, Balmain Shampoo Review

When it comes to luxury hair care, there are fewer brands that to do it better than Balmain. Originally founded as a French fashion house in 1945 by Pierre Balmain, the brand has expanded to adding a touch of luxury to more than just your closet!

One of Balmain’s best-selling beauty products are their shampoos. Each one is carefully created with a specific hair type in mind, and the amazing Balmain team have left no stone unturned. There is a Balmain shampoo for every single hair type - here’s how to tell which is right for you!

Understanding Your Hair Type and Needs 

The thing is, we all need to take care of our hair differently. Curly hair has different needs from straight hair, and if you have bleached hair, your hair needs are different again! The best shampoo for your hair will vary based on these things:

  • Hair texture
  • Hair thickness
  • Hair health
  • Hair density
  • Hair colour

Texture matters, because it’s linked to how well your hair holds onto moisture. Straight hair tends to hold onto hydration and moisture well because the cuticle lays flat and straight. Very curly hair at the other end of the spectrum naturally stays open and doesn’t lay flat. This hair type needs much more hydration than others!

People often confuse thickness and density, but in this case, we’re referring to thickness of hair strands themselves. Some people have fine hair, but they can have a lot of it (meaning their hair is dense). People who have fine hair will find it weighed down much more easily compared to those with coarse hair, and therefore need to opt for more volumising products.

Hair health refers to whether hair is heat or bleach damaged. These can both break down the proteins that hold hair together (keratin) and often result in higher moisture and protein needs. Using the right restorative products matters, and can mean the difference between hair being able to be bleached to a certain level or not in the salon!

Hair density relates to the number of strands that grow out of each square inch of your head! So, the more follicles that you have growing within that area is a good indicator of how dense your hair is or isn’t. Those with dense hair may need more clarifying shampoos to help deeply clean their scalp.

Finally, hair colour matters. When you get your hair coloured at the salon, it needs to be taken care of in a certain way to keep the colour vibrant and bright. That’s because colour is essentially stripped from your hair with bleach, and then redeposited back to the follicle. In this situation, shampoo formulas need to be able to cleanse hair thoroughly enough without fading colour prematurely. 

Review of Top Balmain Shampoos

Balmain shampoos are some of the best in the business for taking care of your hair. They have a shampoo for every hair type - here’s a roundup of which ones are ideal for which hair type!

Balmain Moisturizing Shampoo

This shampoo from Balmain is ideal for dry and damaged hair. Regardless if that’s heat damage or colour damage, the Moisturising Shampoo from Balmain helps to nurture and protect your hair. The ingredients list features Argan Oil, one of the best oils for hair. It’s also fortified with Silk Amino Acids, proteins that help make hair feel soft and replenished. 

This ultra-moisturising shampoo helps to bring hydration back to your hair; if your hair is damaged or loses hydration easily this is the Balmain shampoo for you! Paired with the matching Moisturizing Conditioner from Balmain, your hair is sure to feel smooth and repaired,

Balmain Revitalizing Shampoo

The Balmain Revitalizing Shampoo is like the Goldilocks of the range. It’s just right; balancing enough hydration with enough cleansing to create a shampoo that works for most hair types. It helps to strengthen hair with vitamins and essential oils, but also doesn’t weigh down fine hair with too much moisture. If you’re not sure which shampoo to use, this might be the sweet spot for you!

Balmain Volume Shampoo

If you have fine hair that gets weighed down easily, this shampoo is for you. Fine hair is easily overwhelmed by formulas that lend too much moisture, resulting in flat and less-than-stellar hair. The Balmain Volume Shampoo helps to lift hair right at the root and perfectly balances deep cleansing and hydrating your hair follicles. 

Balmain Couleurs Couture Shampoo

Keeping your coloured hair bright and vibrant starts with using the right shampoo. Balmain has a specially formulated shampoo for coloured hair that helps to ensure colour stays vibrant, even after washing! This colour-protecting shampoo also helps to smooth down damage that can be caused by bleaching and colouring hair, ensuring a healthy shine. 

Balmain Illuminating Shampoo

Did you know blondes need special shampoo, too? To help ward away brassiness and keep hair looking freshly toned between appointments, a purple shampoo is highly recommended. Balmain Illuminating Shampoo comes in two versions - silver pearl and white pearl. 

White pearl is ideal for blonde to platinum blonde hair, eliminating orangey tones for a fresh look. Balmain Illuminating Shampoo in Silver Pearl is ideal for those who have silver hair - whether that’s naturally or from a salon - to help maintain those cool grey tones. 

How to Choose the Right Balmain Shampoo 

Now that you know what shampoos Balmain has to offer, matching your hair needs to the right shampoo is a piece of cake. Do you have vibrantly-coloured hair that you touch up at the salon every few weeks? Balmain Couleurs Couture Shampoo is for you. 

Fine, limp hair that loses volume quickly will love the Balmain Volume Shampoo. 

By understanding your hair needs such as density, thickness, and overall health, you now know how to choose the right Balmain Shampoo for you. 


Where to buy Balmain shampoo?

Shop for Balmain in Australia here at Beauty Affairs. We stock Balmain shampoos as well as a wide range of other Balmain products, including Balmain Hair Clips and more. 

Is Balmain shampoo only for women?

While Balmain does have an exclusive Balmain Homme range, should these shampoos be more suitable for your hair needs, we encourage you to choose whichever products you prefer! The main difference between the two lines is that Balmain Homme products are scented with the signature Homme fragrance.

Are Balmain products cruelty-free?

Balmain Hair Couture is opposed to and does not engage or condone any form of animal testing. All Balmain Hair Couture products are either vegan or vegetarian.

Does each shampoo have a matching conditioner?

Yes! Each shampoo has a corresponding conditioner to use to maximise the benefits of the product for your hair. 

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