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Think of ceramides as an essential building block for your skin - they help keep everything together and your skin looking healthy. Ceramide skin care products go a long way to ensuring that your skin looks and feels amazing - here’s how.

Natural Ceramides: Skin Care Stars

The cool thing about using ceramides for skin is that they’re already a natural part of it. They have an essential role, acting as the ‘mortar’ that keeps all of our skin cells together to help form our skin. 

Over 50% of our skin is made of ceramides and lipids - that’s a lot! However, our ceramide levels naturally deplete over time - luckily, boosting ceramides is literally as easy as reaching for the best ceramide skincare that we can get our hands on! 

When it comes to the benefits of ceramides for skin, their main function is to reinforce what’s known as the moisture barrier. The point of the moisture barrier is to keep hydration in the skin and keep irritants out - and one that works properly ensures that your skin is never irritated and dry. 

While all of this points to ceramides being amazing for dry skin (which is true), ceramides can benefit all skin types. After all, having a healthy moisture barrier isn’t exclusive to a certain skin type - it’s essential for good skin health, no matter how oily or dry your skin might be. 

How to Choose the Best Ceramide Skin Care

Now that we already know that natural ceramides = skin care heroes, here’s how to add them to your beauty routine. Since ceramides excel at boosting the skin’s moisture levels, it’s only natural that you’d get the best results from using them in a daily moisturiser

A well-rounded moisturiser formula makes use of excellent ingredients such as ceramides, combined with humectants like glycerin to attract water to skin and emollients to ensure it stays there - the perfect recipe for moisturised, glowing skin. 

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