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Clean Skin Club

Clean Skin Club Clean Swabs 500pcs x 3pk

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Product Description

Unleash unmatched precision and purity in your beauty and skincare rituals with the Clean Skin Club Clean Swabs Triple Pack. This bundle includes three packs, each containing 500 dual-sided swabs, summing up to a generous total of 1500 swabs to ensure you are well-equipped for all your cosmetic needs.

Each swab features a rounded tip on one end for broad applications, such as smoothing face masks or applying toners, and a pointed tip on the other for meticulous touch-ups, perfect for correcting makeup errors or refining nail polish edges. The swabs are crafted from high-quality, spun cotton that is designed to leave behind no residue, enabling a flawless application every time.

Built with sturdy bamboo stems, these swabs not only offer durability but also stand as an eco-friendly option for environmentally conscious consumers. 

Clean Skin Club Clean Swabs bundle includes is available in: 3 packs of 500 swabs each

Product Highlights:

  • Dual-sided with a rounded and precise tip for versatile use in beauty routines
  • Made from fuzz-free, carefully spun cotton for clean and flawless application
  • Eco-friendly bamboo stems offer durability and sustainability

Formulated Without:

Parabens, Petrochemicals, Sulphates

Usage & Ingredients

How to Use Clean Skin Club Clean Swabs:

  1. Use the rounded tip for gentle application of facial products or to clean larger areas.
  2. Utilise the precise tip for detailed touch-ups, correcting makeup errors, or tidying nail polish edges.
  3. Dispose of responsibly after use to maintain hygiene and prevent clutter.

Incorporate Clean Skin Club Clean Swabs into your daily skincare and beauty ritual for precise application and touch-ups, ensuring flawless results every time.

Ingredients List:

Stem: Bamboo

Tips: Cotton

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