Declare Age Control Ultimate Skin Youth


Makes your skin forget about growing old. 

Product Description:

The cream’s refreshing moisture plumps up and tones your skin, reducing fine lines. Its firming effect lets your skin appear re-modeled, vitalised and strengthened. Pure silk particles and selected oils pamper your skin time and again. Regular use effectively slows down the natural aging process.

Key Benefits:

  • It contains valuable anti-aging rice extract.
  • Provides intensive cell protection.
  • Highly effective and revolutionary anti-aging cream.
  • Suitable for all skin types.

Directions of Use:

  1. Apply onto perfectly cleansed face and neck.
  2. Use daily.


SRC™ complex

anti-ageing rice extract (orsirtine)

combination of hyaluronic acid

silk extracts

sasanqua oil

vitamin E

camellia seed oil

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