Skincare Trends to Watch in 2022

When it comes to trends that come and go, even skincare isn’t immune to the changing tides. Or, it might be accurate to say that the same trends come and go - just under different names.

While it seems like the last few years have been all about actives - and using as many as possible - the skincare trends for 2022 are forecasted to have a slightly different approach to skincare in different ways. 

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We’ve identified four different trends that will shape how you shop for skincare and, ultimately, how your skin is going to glow!

Skincare Trends for 2022

These beauty trends for 2022 - skincare trends - vary from taking a minimalist approach to skincare to an increased focus on supporting your skin’s moisture barrier. We’ve vouched for taking care of your acid mantle for a long time, by the way - there’s already a whole blog post about what your moisture barrier is and why it matters here!

We’ll take a deep dive into each of these skincare trends and identify what this means for your skincare routine.

This ultra-hydrating serum from Dermalogica works hard to plump your skin full of water for a bouncy, glowy look.


Skinimalism (skincare + minimalism) advocates for only using the essential skincare steps. It embodies the less is more approach - instead of layering multiple actives to reach your skin goal, you rely on just one active or serum to do that for you. 

Another way to approach skinimalism is by relying on multi-purpose skincare products; for example, a moisturising sunscreen such as this one from Dr. Jart+ can work as both your daytime moisturiser and daytime sunscreen.

If you’ve always felt overwhelmed by managing a multiple-step, multiple-product skincare routine, skinimalism might be the approach for you! Keeping your routine simple means that you’ll be more consistent with it. This is another idea that's the core of minimalism: consistency over time is more critical than using potent concentrations of actives for results!

Formulated to address skin firmness, redness, hydration & brightness, this multi-action serum is perfect for those looking to streamline their beauty routine with skinimalism.

DIY Skincare

Many people have opinions on DIY skincare - but the truth is, it’s not all bad. Doing the right kind of DIY skincare starts with knowing what you should and shouldn't be doing when it comes to homemade masks - for example, avoiding lemon juice and baking soda. 

It’s no surprise that many have turned to DIY skincare either; international shipping delays have made getting skincare slow these days, so many are looking for alternatives to keep their skin glowing without waiting on long delivery times.

Another reason DIY skincare is coming out of the dark ages and alternative is the technology we now have to create it! Gone are the days of mixing mashed up avocado and honey in a bowl - this mask maker creates a collagen-infused mask from any natural juice for effective, mess-free natural skincare.

This handy beauty tool makes short work of natural skincare ingredients to create an effective, homemade mask. 

Skin-Barrier Supporting Products

Many skincare brands are calling 2022 the year of the skin barrier - and they might be right. While the past few years of skincare have been all about layering actives and using almost as many as possible, many have released the importance of maintaining a solid moisture barrier (aka acid mantle) when it comes to reaching skin goals.

You can easily damage your moisture barrier with the frequent use of high percentage exfoliants, retinol, and some type of skincare serums. These are a recipe for disaster for your moisture barrier in inexperienced hands - leaving your skin dry, red, irritated, and flaking. 

Skincare ingredient trends in 2022 show a lean towards ingredients that help nurture and soothe this all-important part of your skin; ceramides, panthenol, niacinamide, and more are fan-favourites when it comes to boosting your moisture barrier. Trending skincare techniques also reflect this shift to nurturing the skin. 

Skincare slugging is a popular technique that first and foremost strengthens your skin’s moisture barrier, benefitting your skin in the long run!

Formulated with skin barrier rebuilding ceramides, this moisturiser from Dr. Jart+ is perfect for protecting your skin.

Refillable Packaging

Skincare packaging can be tricky to get every last drop out of - however, there’s been an upward trend of brands bringing out refillable packaging! Fenty Beauty, Dior, and Charlotte Tilbury have introduced beauty refills to make sure that your skincare routine is less wasteful and better for your skin - and the planet. 

Refillable packaging reduces plastic pollution and makes sure that you get every scoop of your skincare products, thanks to carefully designed packaging. Reducing plastic waste and product waste means that your skin gets all the possible benefits of these skincare formulas while being better for the environment. Now I call that a win-win!

This luxury anti-ageing moisturiser from Dior is refillable using an innovative internal replacement system.

Our skincare analysis can help you find the skinimalist skincare routine that’s perfect for your skin type!

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