The Secret Of Multi Masking

 Multi masking has been a staple in Korean skin routines for years, but it can be tricky knowing what order to apply your products. Let's open up the bathroom cupboard and put those masks to work! Repeat after me: Cleanse, exfoliate, treat, hydrate. 

Step One: Cleanse
Start with a clean slate - we recommend double cleansing or using a cleanser and toner. This pair from Declare will leave your skin soft and comfortable.
We used the Declare Gentle Cleansing Milk to gently remove makeup.
Step Two: Exfoliate
Exfoliating masks can also be called peeling or resurfacing - this is skincare speak for exfoliating. This can be enzymes, ahas, or physical exfoliant. The Goji Berry and Jojoba Peeling Mask combines enzymes and gentle beads for a dual exfoliation suited to even the most sensitive skins
Step Three: Treat
To make your mask routine a little bit fancy, add a hydrating mask into your routine before a clay mask. Hydrated skin absorbs product more effectively so you’re boosting your clay mask - winning!
The Declare Marine Gel mask hydrates and calms the skin, prepping it for the next step. The Dr Irina Eris Detox and Lift double treatment uses Brazilian clay to draw impurities out of the skin.
Top tip: don't allow your clay mask to dry on the skin, instead, spritz water over it to keep it wet for as long as you leave it on for optimum results. 
We used the Declare Marine Gel Mask to pre-treat the skin, followed by step one of the Dr Irina Eris Lift and Detoxify treatment. 
declare marine gel mask
Step Four: Hydrate and Soothe
Hydration and soothing is always the last step in your mask routine. We finished with the nourishing Golden Algae Mask from Dr Irina Eris. Glow, baby, glow!
We used the Dr Irina Eris Lift & Detox Double Mask Treatment, so we finished with the golden algae (step two) for ultimate lifting. 
Dr Irina Eris Lift and Detoxify treatment. 

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