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When it comes to skin care, sunscreen and lip care are easily the two most overlooked types of products. But here’s the thing - they’re both super important to have on your vanity so you can stay looking your best. Here’s why you need both in your skincare routine!

Essential Skin Care: Sunscreen

Other than cleanser and moisturiser, there’s one more really important step when it comes to skin care: sunscreen. It’s often underestimated and left for use during summer only, but you should actually be using it all year round. Here are two major reasons why you should add a broad-spectrum SPF to your skincare routine. 

Protects Skin from UV Rays

Ultraviolet (UV) radiation is the number one cause of early wrinkles. Here’s the thing - UV rays, specifically UV-A rays, are able to pass through into the skin where your collagen is. Remember, collagen is what makes skin look bouncy and youthful.  While yes, collagen levels naturally go down as we age, UV exposure speeds up this process for skin that looks older than it really is. 

A sunscreen product shields skin from these harmful UV rays, ensuring that your skin stays looking younger for longer. Protecting skin from UV exposure is also crucial if you use products that contain retinol or AHAs. While these skin care ingredients are incredibly effective at anti-ageing and giving skin some serious glow, they make the skin more sensitive to the sun. 

Helps to Fade Hyperpigmentation

Hyperpigmentation can appear as dark marks left behind by acne, or as uneven skin patches. No matter the cause, shielding any hyperpigmentation from the sun goes a long way to helping it fade away for glowing, even skin. 

The Importance of Lip Care

This product category covers everything from balms to lip serums and chapsticks. Lip balms moisturise and soften for kissable, smooth lips. However, products to take care of your lips do more than just make your lips look great - they make your makeup look better and last longer, too. 

Lip balms smooth away any dry skin to ensure your lips are the perfect blank canvas for any lipstick or lip stain. One of the best things you can do to prep your lips for makeup is use a lip balm - they act as a primer for any lip makeup, smoothing out imperfections for a flawless finish. 

Different Kinds of Lip Care

Products in this category aren’t just lip balms - these days, there are so many different kinds of lip products to choose from!

Lip Balms

The most common type of product that we use to take care of our lips. They’re enriched with emollients to smooth out texture and help lock hydration into the skin, plus some come with SPF to protect delicate lip skin. 

Lip Mask:

A thicker balm treatment that you’d apply to your lips overnight - think of them as a sleeping mask but for your lips. 

Lip Serum: 

Delivers a concentrated boost of hydration to lips for super smooth, plump lips - they tend to have a similar texture to lip gloss. 

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