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Turn down the redness and turn up the glow with our bespoke facial redness treatment.

 Our introductory offer of $199 targets one area of choice to reduce the look of rosacea and eliminate lingering redness. 

Clear, Radiant Complexion with Facial Redness Laser Treatment

Rosacea is a stubborn skin condition that appears as stubbornly red skin, visible capillaries, and sensitive skin that stings. While over-the-counter skincare products can soothe the symptoms of rosacea, a facial redness treatment is one of the best ways to address the issue permanently. 

Beauty Affairs MediSpa administers a customised rosacea laser treatment in Sydney at our convenient spa location. 

The Best Rosacea Treatment in Sydney

Every rosacea treatment appointment starts with a high-tech facial scan using our VISIA machine. This facial scan provides valuable information to our experienced beauty therapists, who tailor the treatment to your skin’s needs.

A complimentary skin consultation is also performed with every rosacea laser treatment at Sydney Beauty Affairs MediSpa. Like the facial scan, every consultation gives our expert team more information about your skin and how to help you get your best skin ever. 

Then, a target area of choice is treated with our professional-grade lasers. The duration of the entire luxury facial redness treatment is 75-90 minutes.

How Beauty Affairs Facial Redness Treatment Works

This professional-grade rosacea treatment at our Sydney skin clinic works by targeting the cause of redness. The underlying reason for rosacea on the skin is dilated blood vessels close to the skin's surface. 

These blood vessels easily dilate, causing the tell-tale redness, flushing, and warmth associated with rosacea.

Our facial redness laser treatment works by safely breaking down these inflamed blood vessels, eliminating the root cause of your flushed and red skin. 

Book your skin redness treatment today at Beauty Affairs and get a free luxury beauty gift at your appointment.


How Can I Reduce Redness on My Face?

Some skincare products can have a limited effect on reducing redness, but the best way to permanently calm down red skin is with a facial redness laser treatment. In Sydney, Beauty Affairs MediSpa offers an exclusive and effective treatment that addresses rosacea.

What’s the Most Effective Treatment for Rosacea?

The best facial redness treatment is laser therapy for rosacea. Skincare addresses the issue from the top of the skin. A laser treatment safely removes the underlying cause of rosacea: inflamed and burst blood vessels on the skin's surface. 

Is Laser Treatment Effective for Rosacea?

Yes, laser therapy is one of the best professional treatments to address rosacea! It’s a permanent solution for managing facial redness and flushing.

Where Can I Get Rosacea Treatment in Sydney?

The best skin clinic we recommend for rosacea treatment is our own. Enjoy a luxurious treatment at our well-appointed, luxury skincare salon in Sydney CBD. Make an appointment today for your bespoke rosacea treatment to rejuvenate skin and banish that lingering redness.

How Many Facial Redness Treatments Do I Need?

How many rosacea facial treatment appointments you need will depend on the area concerned. Results are visible after just one treatment session, and it can take up to three appointments to completely remove the redness. 



Let us introduce you to Carla, our beauty therapist queen with seven years of beauty therapy experience. She's a master at creating treatment plans that will leave your skin looking like it's been kissed by the gods, while also adding a little touch of luxury to your medispa facials. Carla's passion for the beauty industry is contagious, and you can feel it in her touch and treatment plans.


Meet the one and only Brooke, our beauty guru with over 14 years of experience in the industry. She's a true champion of the game, having won the prestigious Dermalogica student of the year award. Brooke is passionate about dermal therapies and is always upgrading her skill set so you can have gorgeous, glowing skin.


Hello, gorgeous people! Meet Joana, the queen of beauty with over six years of experience in the industry. She's a well-rounded master of her craft and a specialist in lymphatic drainage. Joana is the ultimate beauty guru, providing advanced cosmetic treatments that will have you looking and feeling like a million bucks.


Meet Effy, our Beauty magician She's a master of advanced cosmetic treatments like HIFU, RF, Fat Cavitation, Microneedling, Hydrafacials, and advanced laser therapies. Effy takes her clients on a magical journey of self-care and always goes above and beyond to make sure they leave feeling like royalty.


Beauty Affairs MediSpa Sydney CBD
Address: Suite 2205, Level 22/31 Market St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia
Contact Number: +61 2 9286 3898


Stop the persistent flushing and redness caused by rosacea with this effective laser treatment.


Our state-of-the-art laser treatment for rosacea improves rosacea symptoms. The concentrated energy targets blood vessels that cause redness, resulting in reduced redness and inflammation.


We use a variety of the best non-invasive skin therapy equipment and the best in luxury skincare products to achieve amazing results.


Our expert aestheticians tailor the facial treatment to your skin's needs and concerns, ensuring a unique luxury experience and visible results.

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