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Cote Noire

Cote Noire Room Spray 15ml

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Product Description

Cote Noire Room Spray is available in nine sumptuous aromas:

Cote Noire Room Spray Rose Petal:

Young and fragrant rose petals warmed by the afternoon sun. Top notes of pink rose layered with notes of peony and iris. A fresh, innocent scent tamed with lingering notes of hibiscus.

Cote Noire Room Spray Pink Peony:

This luxurious scent is mixed with jasmine, top notes of rose and gillyflower to create a rounded fragrance that almost recreates the delights of a fresh peony bouquet.

Cote Noire Room Spray Rose Oud:

Young and fragrant rose Oud warmed by the afternoon sun. A rich and innocent scent tamed with lingering notes of hibiscus.

Cote Noire Room Spray White Gardenia:

Our version of this wonderful classic fragrance is set in the Summer; distinctive and elegant in its tropical floral aroma.

Cote Noire Room Spray Charente Rose:

Charente Rose is a natural rose with top notes of rose petal, middle notes of rose leaf and base notes of white musk.

Cote Noire Room Spray Eau de Vie:

Eau de Vie features top notes of Mirabelle plum, middle notes of davana flower and base notes of patchouli.

Cote Noire Room Spray Lily Flower:

Lily Flower was created for Côte Noire by Parisian perfumer Mélanie Carestia. Top notes of oriental lily, middle notes of bergamot and base notes of dried clove.

Cote Noire Room Spray Queen of the Night:

Caroline Mallêjac blended the dramatic Queen of the night fragrance for Côte Noire. Queen of the night / Reine de la Nuit - an exotic fragrance with top notes of bergamot, middle notes of tuberose and orange flower and base notes of cedarwood.

Cote Noire Room Spray White Hydrangea:

This fragrance features white hydrangeas, accompanied by hints of red pine and orange blossom, all resting on a smooth sandalwood base.


How to Use Cote Noire Room Spray:

  1. Spritz and refresh any space with Cote Noire Room Spray.


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