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ghd Helios Wide Styling Hair Dryer Nozzle

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Product Description

The ghd Helios Wide Styling Hair Dryer Nozzle is an exceptional styling tool designed to elevate your hair drying experience, particularly for those with longer, thicker hair. This professional wide styling nozzle, compatible with the ghd Helios Hair Dryer, ensures precision and control while speeding up the drying process.

Measuring 88mm, it concentrates the powerful airflow of the ghd Helios Hair Dryer, allowing you to style larger sections of hair for a smooth, shiny finish. This nozzle is particularly effective for thick hair types, ensuring a faster drying process without compromising on style. 

The nozzle's design focuses on maintaining precise styling control, enabling you to achieve a covetable blow dry look effortlessly, regardless of your hair type or length. Whether you have long locks or a thicker mane, the ghd Helios Wide Styling Hair Dryer Nozzle is the perfect accessory for achieving salon-quality results at home.

Product Highlights:

  • Expertly designed for longer, thicker hair, enabling faster drying with precise control.
  • 88mm wide nozzle allows styling of larger hair sections for efficient and smooth results.
  • Fully compatible with the ghd Helios Hair Dryer, enhancing its performance for professional styling.


How to Use ghd Helios Wide Styling Hair Dryer Nozzle:

  1. Begin by washing your hair and gently towel-drying it to about 80% dryness.
  2. Attach the ghd wide styling nozzle to your ghd Helios Hair Dryer.
  3. Section your hair and use the nozzle to direct the airflow, concentrating on one section at a time.
  4. Set your hair dryer to a moderate heat and speed setting for controlled styling.
  5. Dry each section thoroughly, moving the dryer steadily to avoid overheating any area.
  6. Continue the process until all sections are completely dry, revealing a smooth, shiny finish.
  7. Once finished, detach the nozzle from your hair dryer and turn off the device.


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